DOIE UV CTP uses the most advanced and stable V model guide rail fixed position technology, fusion servo maglev technology, using automatic loading way and 405nm laser diodes, made the high energy field value of thermal material development, high development quality, after baking, the thermal plate could print about million plates.

Model X-0642UG
Channels 64
Output Speed (p/h) 29
Plate size: 1030mmx800mm
Laser Source 830nm Laser Diodes
Output Resolution (dpi) 2400
Dot Reproduction 1%~99%
Register Accuracy(mm) less than 0.01
Plate Size(mm) Max: 1160×940; Min: 400×320
Suitable Plates Various UV CTP, CTCP Plates
Plate Thickness(mm) 0.15~0.30
Loading and Unloading Loading: Automatic
Unloading: Automatic
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Position Accuracy(mm) 0.2
Plate Balance Automatic Balance
Data Interface USB, 1000Mbit/s
Ambient Temperature: 22~28 dgree; Humidity 20~80% (Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension(mm) L2200×W1100×H1050
Net Weight(kg) 1500
Power Supply less than 6KW/220V, 50/60HZ
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