Since the advantages of UV-CTP are in line with the development trend of the current printing market, low cost and high efficiency, many end users began to wait and see from the end of 2008 to enter the actual purchase phase. This shows that UV-CTP is gradually being accepted by end users. According to the "CTP in China" special issue of "Printing Manager", as of September 2008, the sales of PS-type direct plate-making machine UV-CTP in China increased by about 11 units compared with 2008, accounting for 2.56%. . Although the growth amount cannot be compared with the thermal and violet laser CTP, it is a relatively fast development under the limited equipment manufacturers. When purchasing CTP, end users mainly consider factors such as production efficiency, print quality, and production cost. At present, China's printing industry has entered a period of steady development in 2009. The reduction of production costs is the key to determining the survival of printing companies, and the consideration of consumables costs is the most important. UV-CTP meets this requirement by applying the traditional PS version of direct plate-making to greatly reduce production costs. Although the price of advanced CTP plate has been somewhat reduced, there is still a certain gap between the price of the ordinary PS version, and the price gap is about 15-25 yuan. According to the survey, in 2007, the domestic CTP plate price was 50-53 yuan / square meter, and the imported CTP plate was 53-65 yuan / square meter. PS version price is 29-37 yuan / square meter. Another reason for the low price of the ordinary PS version is that China is the world's largest producer of the PS version. The production technology of the Chinese PS version is quite mature. The production technology of the thermal version has not yet reached the stage of maturity, and the version of the violet laser The price of the material is higher than that of the thermal plate and the production process is complicated. We assume that a medium-sized printing plant consumes 3,000 to 5,000 square meters per month. The difference between a normal PS plate and a CTP plate is 20 yuan per square meter. The cost of the monthly UV-CTP and CTP process is poor. For 3000 or 5000 square meters / month, 20 yuan / square meter = 6 or 100,000 yuan / month, the printing plant can save only 72 to 1.2 million yuan per year. In terms of the price of the equipment itself, UV-CTP is not dominant, basically two million or so, except for the domestic first manufacturer, Cory, which produces less than one million UV-CTP, and the other two importers. Prices are high. However, as the price of blue-violet lasers is lowered, the price advantage of UV-CTP itself will be highlighted.