There are 6 different classification of CTP systems as below:

From the aspect of the exposure system, it can be divided into four categories: inner drum type, outer drum type, flat type and curved type. Among the four types, the most used ones are the inner drum type and the outer drum type; the flat type is mainly used for large-format plates of newspapers and the like; the curve type is used the least.

From the aspect of the plate material: silver salt plate, thermal plate (ablative thermal plate, non-ablative thermal plate), photosensitive resin plate and polyester plate (non-metal plate);

From the technical aspects: thermal technology (ordinary laser imaging), purple laser technology,
UV light source technology;

From the degree of automation: manual stand-alone, semi-automatic, fully automatic and hybrid (CTF-computer to film and CTP-computer to plate).

From the aspect of the fixing method of the printing plate on the drum: full adsorption type and intermediate adsorption, and the first end is fixed by two kinds of clips. The full-adsorption type has no restrictions on the size of the plate, and the plate format used for the clip type must have a fixed size.

From the application: commercial CTP system and reporting CTP system.